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Zaphir Wind Chimes


Magical, dreamy wind chimes…

Zaphir wind chimes are tuned in perfect harmony with themselves and the surroundings. The tones they play give a truly unique ambience.

Every wind chime plays a harmonic chord. And they also harmonize well with each other.


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I was hooked the first time I heard the Zaphir Wind Chimes. I fell completely in love. Unlike many other windchimes, the Zaphir chimes are tuned in perfect harmony with themselves and the surroundings.

Each of the wind chimes are tuned to their own unique chord. The tones they play give a truly unique ambience.

All wind games are made (with love and thought) to order by the Zaphir people. I have tried to combine colors with sounds so that I feel they harmonize best. Every wind chime plays a harmonic chord. And they also harmonize well with each other, so you can have a small orchestra of magical windchimes playing in the wind.

Listen to the different tunings below and see which tuning sings your soul today.


Zaphir Wind Chimes 10


Blue Moon – Dark Blue – D F A B C E A# C

Crystalide – Green/Blue/Gold – G A B D A G B D

Sufi – Blue / Purple / Gold – F A D F A G A D

Sunray – Red / Orange / Gold – G# B C# E G# E A C#

Twilight – Yellow / Gold (Sorry, not Turquoise as in the main picture) – E G B C E G B C

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35 reviews for Zaphir Wind Chimes

  1. Lisa (translated from momojord.se)

    Delicious soft tones in unison

  2. Lena Öberg (translated from momojord.se)

    Magically this wind chime. It’s like angel music ❤

  3. Anneli (translated from momojord.se)

    Sounds that become magic in the wind or when you play yourself.

  4. Marie Fulcher (translated from momojord.se)

    wonderful, beautiful sound, soothing. Thanks for nice and fast delivery.

  5. Lena (translated from momojord.se)

    Love the wind game and the slightly lower notes. Constant variation so you don’t get tired of the melody”. Can really recommend.”

  6. Annette O. Åbrink (translated from momojord.se)

    So soothing and addictive! Enjoyed it so much that it even got to go on a caravan holiday!

  7. Eva Svensson (translated from momojord.se)

    Just as it says, magically dreamy ~ wonderful ! 💚 🎶🎶

  8. Håkan Persson (translated from momojord.se)

    Very nice wind play – both neat and sounding. Highly recommended! Fast delivery.

  9. Anna (translated from momojord.se)

    Very lovely sound, perfect for yoga classes and relaxation!

  10. Britta (translated from momojord.se)

    Pling Plong at its best … enchanting!

  11. Inger Backström (translated from momojord.se)

    Simply, love it! A pleasant sound that makes you disappear. Disappearing, disappearing …..

  12. Sara (translated from momojord.se)

    Love the sound! Plays for a while before going to bed each night for myself and the kids, to provide relaxation and tranquility. It feels magical!

  13. Marie (translated from momojord.se)

    I love it! Fine and securely packed and reasonably fast delivery! A quality product !! ❤️

  14. E Andersson (translated from momojord.se)

    Wonderful meditative sounds!

  15. Therese (translated from momojord.se)

    One of the most pleasant sounds that ever reached my ear canals. Worth every penny. Super fast delivery and friendly service.

  16. Angelica Pukk (translated from momojord.se)

    Fantastic wind chime, speaks to every part of my being and goes straight into the heart

  17. Frieda (translated from momojord.se)

    Fantastic beautiful sound! Works great for resting at the end of my yoga session and for napping kids with … Magical✨

  18. Berit Lind (translated from momojord.se)

    Big lovely sound in small format. Harmonic tone scale. Perfect gift for young children! Will buy more!

  19. Nilla (translated from momojord.se)

    Fantastic harmonic beautiful tones that make the heart sing.

  20. Åsa (translated from momojord.se)

    Beautiful melody that is soothing

  21. Marie Widek (translated from momojord.se)

    The wind chimes spread harmony and joy in most souls. In a sound healing meditation, I always have someone who just has to have their own. The wind games have such a great sound and are so small. Wish I had one when the kids were small. So wonderful sound ❤

  22. malin (translated from momojord.se)

    Wonderful tones, deep and a little mysterious

  23. Kristin Ellner (translated from momojord.se)

    So beautiful sound. Dreamy and relaxing. Perfect to use during yoga, relaxation and meditation.

  24. Mange (translated from momojord.se)

    Great indoors and outdoors. A good alternative to the radio when playing with the help of a floor fan. Very happy!

  25. Maria (translated from momojord.se)

    Lovely sound, haven’t heard anything like wind chimes before! Not using it in the rain, since it can probably be ruined. Good and fast delivery.

  26. Petra Avebring (translated from momojord.se)

    I’m super happy! It is really nice and plings lovely! My yogis think it is wonderful. Plings with it at the beginning and end of yoga class

  27. Maria Östlund (translated from momojord.se)

    Absolutely wonderful tone in this wind chime. Highly recommended

  28. Aino (translated from momojord.se)

    Lovely sounds, soothing and meditative. I let the wind play the chimes, and sometimes I use it in combination with Sufi during Savasana in my yoga classes. High quality product and smooth delivery – so satisfied!

  29. Ella Palmgren (translated from momojord.se)

    Wonderful windchime with fantastic sound. Soft yet powerful sound, very well tuned and harmonious!

  30. Helene (translated from momojord.se)

    Hangs from the ceiling in my bedroom, sometimes I accidentally bump into it as I pass by … often I let it play before bedtime, dull and lovely! A sound to bring with you into sleep.

  31. Anette Blomberg (translated from momojord.se)

    Contemplative to be invaded and inexorably moved by tones from past and future, by the wind chimes of the now. In Gotland the wind is always present. The game hangs in the door frame facing the balcony and shifts in volume as rhythm depending on prevailing wind strength. I also use the game as a reinforcement during poetry performances. If my finances allowed, I would use and nurture all the wind chimes from Momo Jord. They sound heavenly!

  32. Katrin Sigurdh (translated from momojord.se)

    Fantastic sound, wonderful tones that you never get tired of, love this one!

  33. Helena Isaksson (translated from momojord.se)

    A wonderful way to put sounds on what makes us alive ❤️

  34. Roland (translated from momojord.se)

    Lovely wind chime hanging by the window in the bedroom

  35. madeleine Gauffin Rahme (translated from momojord.se)

    Wonderful tones. Usually wake my youngest daughter with these tones. A gentle awakening of the day. Also perfect for yoga. Madeleine

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