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Magical, dreamy wind chimes…

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The first time I heard the sound of such a thing, I fell completely in love. Unlike other wind games, these are in perfect harmony with themselves and the surroundings. I love to let the wind play easily against the wind game and just listen, listen, listen …

All wind games are made to order by the Zaphir people. I have tried to combine colors with sounds so that I feel they harmonize best. Every wind game plays a harmonic chord. And they also harmonize well with each other.

Zaphir’s wind chimes are something else, something more. They are made with love and thought. Exactly what we like to share with you. Just listen …

Zaphir Wind Chime – Bluemoon 4


Blue Moon – Dark Blue – D F A B C E A# C

Crystalide – Green/Blue/Gold – G A B D A G B D

Sufi – Blue / Purple / Gold – F A D F A G A D

Sunray – Red / Orange / Gold – G# B C# E G# E A C#

Twilight – Yellow / Gold (Sorry, not Turquoise as in the main picture) – E G B C E G B C

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