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  • Topquilt / Hammock quilt that you can use as a sleeping bag or a hammock quilt big enough for two persons
  • Filling: 500g down (100/0 super down 900 cuin fill power).
  • Total weight: 820g
  • Small pack size and great isolation due to down.
  • Water repellant material.
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Topquilt / hammock quilt for summer use.

Hammock quilt for summer use (or maybe three season south of Sweden).
Lightweight and takes up little space, and still gives a lot of warmth due to the the 900 cuin 100/0 super down.
The hammock top quilt can be used folded up as blanket (if you’re somewhere in the nature, freezing) or as double blanket (if you share hammock) – fold the blanket together and you have a sleeping bag that keeps the heat for you.
The filling is 500 grams down to the highest quality (900 cuin fill power, 100% super down), which will keep you warm in temperatures down to a few degrees.

Momo Jord Top quilt / hammock blanket, all you need to know:


  • 500 g thin (900 cuin, 100/0 super down)

  • The blanket weighs 820g (880 with compression sack)

  • Water-repellent but still cozy material (Taffeta / Nylon)

  • Can be folded into a footbox or sleeping bag, or used as a quilt or blanket.

  • Drawstring at the bottom to keep warm (and to make a sleeping bag / footbox)

  • The pictures are from the prototype – the finished product is the same fabric as the underquilt, ie more gray-green brown than the green in the photos

  • The dimensions are about 2 meters long. Works as a double blanket (1.5 meters wide at the top, about 1 meter at the foot end), or folded together as a top quilt / sleeping bag.

Top quilt / Hammock quilt, 500g down – Momo Jord Outdoor 4

By the way, the top quilt is not at all green as the prototype, but has the same green-brown color (same material) as the under blanket (but I love the Himalaya pictures so I’ll keep them until we’ve got better ones 🙂 )!

Top quilt / Hammock quilt, 500g down – Momo Jord Outdoor 5

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