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Sleep tape – Sleep better with your mouth closed


Sleep tape – sleep better with your mouth closed.


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Tape your mouth when you sleep? Are you crazy? Why? That might be your first reaction (you’re not alone). But it’s not a completely stupid idea. Your sleep can get better, you can avoid dry mouth and get a bunch of benefits.

According to Anders Olsson, founder of Conscious Breathing, this is something many people need.

The basic idea is:

Sleeping with your mouth open causes an imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and thus causes hyperventilation, leading to lack of oxygen and restless sleep.


Sleep with your mouth taped. Your mouth will stay closed and you’ll breath naturally through your nose all night.


Sleeping with your mouth taped could provide these benefits:

Avoid hyperventilation – If you sleep with your mouth open, breathing automatically exceeds your body’s needs. This hyperventilation creates an imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and causes oxygen deficiency.

Keeping Your Mouth Closed – Taping your mouth at night is an easy way to make sure your mouth is closed and breathing goes in and out through your nose. Without any major effort, you get the breathing to work for you during sleep, rather than against you.

Wake up rested – Nasal breathing is the first step to good breathing habits. Breathing as you sleep increases the chances that your body can relax and get the rest and recovery it needs.

Gives a deep sleep – Restless sleep is common among those who breathe through the mouth at night. When we perceive threats and dangers, we automatically open our mouths. It is an inherited reaction coupled with our fight / flight / freeze system. In order to get a deep sleep, our fight / flight / freeze system needs to let go and give place for peace, which we achieve much easier when the mouth is closed.


Sleep tape, facts

Sleep tape is manufactured by Nonvowen Rayon (free of latex), is allergy-friendly and CE-marked.
A strip is 10 cm x 2.5 cm. One package contains either 35 strips (1 month) or 165 strips (5 months).

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5 reviews for Sleep tape – Sleep better with your mouth closed

  1. Mia rostock (translated from momojord.se)

    Can’t live without my Sleep tape, I buy it from Momo Jord, good price and super fast delivery! Peace & Love Mia

  2. Susann (translated from momojord.se)

    I purchased the product because I snore on and off, which can be a disadvantage when I have been away on educations with overnight stays. When I used it I felt that my sleep became more qualitative as I was breathing through my nose alone! Double positive result thus, no snoring and better sleep!

  3. Tomas Bäckström (translated from momojord.se)

    I’m really happy with sleep tape. My sleep is of higher quality and that I wake up fresher.

  4. Emma (translated from momojord.se)

    Great tape, great service!

  5. Ulla Sundqvist (translated from momojord.se)

    I have used sleep tape for many years now. I needed to buy more and I’m grateful I found Momo Jord.

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