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Quick suspension for Hennessy Hammock


The smartest suspension solution for Hennessy Hammock. Our own production.

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Quick suspension system for Hennessy Hammock (and other compatible hammocks.)

The quick suspension is high made from high quality carbine hooks and aluminum rings. With this system you do not have to use lots of knot to set up and take down the hammock. This way, you can set up your Hennessy Hammock in 30 seconds rather than three minutes.

The quick suspension system comes in pairs. We make them ourselves in our home, so they’re sewn with a lot of love.

Hennessy Hammock quick suspension – specifications

  • The rings are stainless steel, with welded joints, and weighs 22gr / pc.
  • The carbine hooks are from DMM and can withstand 24 / 9kN, which is a lot more than we need.
  • The belt is 1.5 meters long, made from car belt material. We’ve tried it up to 500kgs without breaking.
  • The total weight of the straps is 330 grams.

Note that the quick suspension straps are made for Hennessy Hammock’s standard models – the ultra-light models have thinner cords that do not seem to be able to handle the metal rings very well. Use at your own risk.

See pictures and videos below on how to use it. You can also hook the carbine hook in the belt instead of in the rings, if the belt slides down, for example. It may also be a good idea to make an extra small symbolic knot at the rings, as extra security.


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Hennessy Hammock, Momo Jord

7 reviews for Quick suspension for Hennessy Hammock

  1. Lasse (translated from momojord.se)

    The smartest suspension solution for a hammock with ropes. Hanging up a hammock can be tricky, but with rings and straps like these, it takes up to a minute to set it up. For my part who is often out in bad weather, or when it is really cold, this is crucial for it to work, especially when it is dark. Here you just put in the rope in the rings and tighten, then it’s done.

  2. Eva (translated from momojord.se)

    Top Fashionable! Easy to set up the hammock. Would wish it were in a slightly lighter, shorter variant. The belt is usually unnecessarily long.

  3. Ronny Pettersson (translated from momojord.se)

    I do not regret this purchase, they are wonderful at hanging your hammock.

  4. kent hassring (translated from momojord.se)

    Great straps, I changed directly. however, a slight tendency for the rope not to fully lock without making a few extra knots. (feels safe at night) this is a minor problem though. can be highly recommended.

  5. Tony (translated from momojord.se)

    Almost the most important accessory you can buy for your hammock. Awfully grateful that with these I get up the hammock with tarp and everything in a few minutes when the rain is pouring.

  6. Thomas (translated from momojord.se)

    This made everything I thought was complicated into something simple instead. I also twisted the idea myself and made my own tent sticks based on the same lacing principle.

  7. Jörgen (translated from momojord.se)

    A must for the hammock! It makes hammocking so much easier.

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