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Silver Breathing Pendant (Reduce anxiety, sleep better with improved breathing.)


Beautiful silver jewellery (jewlery if you’re a US speaker <3), which is also a breathing trainer and meditation tool you always carry with you.

A mindful breathing pendant. Handmade, in genuine 925 silver. Worldwide shipping! (Please note that shipping could be delayed, up to 1-2 months, due to Corona – but we’ll ship directly and you’ll get a tracking number.. best case it’ll only take a week, as it supposed to, but as of now we can’t promise anything.)


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Breathe better with Silver Breathing Jewellery (or jewelry for US speakers 🙂

  • A rhythmic and relaxed breathing can help you reduce anxiety, pain and stress.
  • By improving your breathing, you can relax more easily and get an improved sleep.
  • The breathing jewellery is a small, elegant breathing trainer and meditation tool that you can always carry with you.
  • Most important – it’s also a beautiful piece of silver jewellery!
  • Breathing right helps the body’s oxygen uptake and the relaxation of body and mind.
  • Genuine 925 silver. Handmade!

Elegant and simple breathing resistance trainer, meditation tool and breath reminder. Handmade from genuine 925 silver. The silver breathing jewellery works by prolonging your outbreath and breath rhytmically, and thus it can help you relax your body and mind.

The mindful breathing pendant is handmade from silver. The medium size is about 1cm high (without the pendant) and weights about 2 grams. When you need to calm your breathing, put the jewellery between your lips and exhale through it. The slow exhalation gives the body a chance to relax, and calms the mind. After a few conscious breaths, chances are you’ll feel calmer and more aware.

When designing the Silver Breathing Jewellery, I was inspired by the Relaxator breath trainer – but turned in to a simple and elegant piece of jewellery than you can always carry with you. A breathing jewel that reminds you of your breathing, and helps you breath deeply and calmly.

Silver Breathing Pendant (Reduce anxiety, sleep better with improved breathing.) 10

How to use the breathing jewellery

  • Use the size that suits you, your conditions and your activity. Large size for activities and smaller for meditation and relaxing.
  • Keep the breathing jewellery between your lips. It can be left on the chain so you always have the jewelry with you (easiest with a 55cm chain). Relax your mouth, but make sure the breathing jewellery remains in place.
  • Exhale through the breathing jewellery. The jewelry will give a resistance and the exhalation will be extended – which helps you relax and let go.
  • Breathe in through the nose. Calm and naturally – just relax and the body takes care of the inhalation itself. Ideally, the inhalation air goes deep into the abdomen, so that the air enters the lower part of the lungs. But that will happen naturally – just relax and the body takes care of the rest.

You can use the breathing jewellery when you need to focus, calm your breathing or just turn your attention inward for a while.

You could also use it to exercise your breathing muscles by using the breathing jewel for 15 minutes or so, a few times a day. Start slowly with a few minutes, when you’re comfortable you can use it for hours a day – just listen to your body what it wants (and remember to do your best to love yourself for everything you are and all that <3.)

You may feel a little dizzy after breathing through the breathing jewellery for a while – it is completely natural and is the body’s way of adapting to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the blood, which in turn helps oxygen uptake. Make sure you sit or lie down though, so you don’t fall over. Take a break from the breath training if it gets uncomfortable. Use the breathing jewellery again when it feels good to do so.

Your breathing should optimally be relaxed, slow and rhythmic. An optimal breath is about 6-12 breaths per minute, about a pint (half litre) per breath.

Silver Breathing Pendant (Reduce anxiety, sleep better with improved breathing.) 11

By prolonged exhalation, relaxation in the body increases.
Your heart rate drops and you can experience more harmony.
You the abdominal and respiratory muscles a good workout.
Your breath naturally gets deeper.


Silver breathing jewellery in three sizes

The breathing jewellery is available in three sizes.

Small: Suitable for rest, meditations and quiet activities. For those who already has a proper breathing but wants to prolong the outbreath even more. Our smallest and most unobtrusive jewellery that also works good as a reminder and a few calming breaths when needed.
(Relaxator equivalent resistance: 4.2 out of 5.)

Medium: The perfect balance between elegancy and usuability. Use it for still or quite calm activities, such as meditation, yoga, walks, office work (try it in front of the computer!), or for relaxing before going to bed.
(Resistance: 3.7 out of 5.)

Large: The largest breathing jewelery. Suitable for activity, such as rapid walking, jogging, active yoga. Also also suitable for those who start breathing training with the breathing jewelery. – or if you want a larger piece of breathing jewellery.
(Resistance: 3 out of 5.)

All sizes fulfill their own functions and are suitable for different occasions. Not sure which to choose? Buy all three here for 20% discount! (Here’s the link for the bundle)

Silver Breathing Pendant (Reduce anxiety, sleep better with improved breathing.) 12

Silver Breathing Jewellery, model

The breathing jewellery can help you breathe calmly and harmoniously

  • Breathing through the jewellery helps you improve your breathing habits
  • It’s a breathing trainer and meditation tool you can always carry with you
  • Which is also an elegant jewellery, handmade from 925 silver.
  • Super-easy to use – exhale through the jewelry, which prolongs your exhalation – which can help oxygenation in your body
  • The breathing jewellery makes breathing more rhythmic, slow and relaxed.
  • When you breathe through the jewellery, you stimulate the diaphragm and breathing naturally gets deeper and more relaxed – and oxygen uptake gets more effective
  • The breathing jewelery is available in three different sizes (resistances), so there’s one for everyone and for all different activities


Breathe calmly – Reduce stress

When you breathe through the breathing jewellery, you prolong your exhalation, which helps your body relax. When you exhale, the parasympathetic nervous system (basically the peace system of the body) activates, and the heart rate drops. You might experience less stress and more and peace and harmony if you regularly breathe through the breathing jewellery. Which means you can rest better and achieve more with less effort.

Improved oxygenation with proper breathing

Excessive or rapid breathing can cause oxygen deficiency in the body. By breathing through the breathing jewelery you get the air deeper into the lungs, where oxygen absorption is better. Brain, heart, muscles and eyes all need a lot of oxygen to function. So basically, through breathing properly you help your body and mind to function at its best.

Rhythmic breathing through the breathing jewelery

A rhythmic, relaxed breathing – which you get to help build up through the breathing jewelery – helps the heart continue with its positive rhythm. So maybe we could live a little more from the heart. And learn to live life a little more like a dance – rhytmically, relaxed and with joy. Peace starts with one deep, natural, relaxed breath.

With the breathing jewellery, peace is always with you.

Silver Breathing Jewellery, model

Silver Breathing Jewellery, model

Get the Silver Breathing Jewellery



Buy all 3 sizes with a 20% discount


Silver Breathing Jewellery, model

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10 reviews for Silver Breathing Pendant (Reduce anxiety, sleep better with improved breathing.)

  1. Katja Jarlegård (translated from momojord.se)

    I’m very happy with my jewelry and it helps mg to remember to breathe.

  2. Helena (translated from momojord.se)

    Beautiful and functional little jewelry that helps me think about breathing.

  3. Christina Andersson (translated from momojord.se)

    Super fine jewelry, which I use to breathe with every day ❤️

  4. Gabriella (translated from momojord.se)

    I love my new necklace, it reminds me daily of breathing and it’s really nice. I chose a thinn silver chain for the jewelry, I think it is very nice!!

  5. Sigbrit Bonsirven (translated from momojord.se)

    Small and handy piece of jewelry that reminds me of how important it is to be aware about breathing.

  6. Catharina Wallin (translated from momojord.se)

    I bought a breathing jewel for myself. Ended up having to buy more! Sons and their girlfriends also wanted. Besides being beautiful it works in stress and panic attack. I suffer from panic anxiety and it has helped me. Thanks for the amazing fine jewelry that helps me.

  7. Gittel (translated from momojord.se)

    Hi, I’m very happy with the nice, unique breathing piece. Thank you!

  8. Karin Wernersson (translated from momojord.se)

    Hey! I’m very pleased with the breathing jewlery. Nice and useful

  9. Lena (translated from momojord.se)

    After a severe pneumonia, I had difficulty breathing. This piece of jewelry helped me remember to do breathing exercises. Hangs around your neck and is nice too! Thanks!

  10. Mai-Britt (translated from momojord.se)

    Great to get back to a deeper breath. Easy to use.

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Our own design

We designed the ultimate breathing pendant

The Silver Breathing Jewellery is our own design. Elegant, discreet, effective. Handmade from 925 silver, this breathing pendant helps you calm your breath and become more mindful.

Did you remember to breathe today? Are your breath deep, calm and rhytmic? Can you feel the peace? The breathing pendant is here as a reminder, and a tool to calm your breath and mind.

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